instyle inspirer | lalajinx
Call me Jin!
An ordinary woman,
with nothing but sincerity.
A funny person HAHAHAH
May seem a bit weird.
Just a woman – lives her own life in-Style.
A heart that wanders to inspire others ^-^
Love listening to music ^-^
Hear it all out with no language barrier.
Let it go – together with the song.
Feel the beat and the line,
Put the soul at peace ^-^
Love singing ^-^
Hear it then voice out – my most enjoyable.
Humming elsewhere – on the way or in the shower,
Either in my weekend performance.
Love traveling ^-^
Like it nature ^-^
Breath in good ozoneĀ  ^-^
Feel the breeze ^-^
Wind blowing in my face – best feeling ^-^
Prefer to watch lifestyle locally in places ^-^
Set off to curl up with nature, wind and music.
Sitting unmindful, acting cool, being in an artistic mood.
Traveling to meet an unexpected, smilingly odd.
Getting lost in town – overcome self-fear ‘n wonder,
Fall in love, gain experiences and strive for the next.
Do something you feel most alive ^-^