Every time I hear this song’s intro, I feel like dancing Hahahah

At first, when Ariana released this song, I was not down to it much.

Until I saw Kendall Jenner snapshot, lip-syncing this song in the club. Wow! Breath taking! She’s so pretty, she’s hot, sweet, playful and sexy!!!

Yes, I’m #TeamKendall Hahahahah

See? I think the way Kendall lip-sync these lines is way more matching with the song than in its music video. I think this song deserves something sexy than those catastrophe version.

Anyway, the song was talked about the relationship between two peoples that already had ended. And it seems like the guy had found someone new, while our girl was left hanging, was stuck to the past and was trying to deal with things she screwed up.

I was a liar.
I gave in to the fire.
I know I should’ve fought it.
At least I’m being honest.

She cheated on him!!!

But what’s more important is . . she admitted her crime to him. I think that’s the right and the first thing we should all do when we’re being unfaithful to our lover.

Yeah, well . . you shouldn’t be doing anything disloyal to your lover at the first place. Actually you don’t even deserve a forgiveness, too! But I think the girl in this song is a fair player – at least she’s being honest.


Feel like a failure
‘Cause I know that I failed you
I should’ve done you better
‘Cause you don’t want a liar.


She’s now paying the price for her stupid action. But it’s too late for her now, to win him back.

Even when she compared herself to his new girlfriend, she felt bitter to the fact that he deserves someone better than herself, who once breaking his trust.

I know she regrets losing him.

But who tell her to cheating on him?

What she can do now is sitting there . . regretting. While he has everything, she’s empty without him.

So one last time . .
I need to be the one . .
Who takes you home.

Can I stop and dance for 3 seconds?





I promise after that,


I kind of understand this feeling of her desire. I used to feel it myself when I had broken up with my ex, long ago. He ended it on the phone call. Well, we’re living in different countries. At that time, I felt like catching flight to meet him and had him say it to me face to face.

It was a bad perception, to think that if we did met, there’s a slight chance our feeling would be mended, with a change of his heart and he would not leave me . . .

But if he wanted to leave, his heart wouldn’t had wanted to stay, would it? When he decided to speak out . . that means he’d already made a decision, if he wanted to go, just let him go.

And I wasn’t care about his new girlfriend at all, you know. Maybe it’s because of, it’s the thing between us, me and my ex, alone, that we’re going to break up, she’s an outsider. Why do I care? It’s my business, not hers. Hahahhaha

Actually my true intention was that . .

I just wanted to hug him tight.
Hug him long enough,
Crying and crying,
Just to say goodbye . . .



Sometimes . . when love is at its end.
We just want to indulge everything,
for the very last time . .
Before the chance is no more,
for us to feel it ever again.
It’s a beautiful feeling and delicate.
. . . It’s the moment of saying goodbye . . .



Body language speaks for the heart which louder than words

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