I love you, my KING.
And I miss you so bad.

I still cry my eyes out up until today seeing lots of foreigner are sharing their heart with us, though they don’t even have to but they sincerely do.

Yet, I saw lots of bad comments from people outside who never bother to care much about the lost of us.

But I could understand them so far and I couldn’t blame them, couldn’t I?

They have no idea of being grown up and saw one humble man working his entire life to find ways to improve the lives of others. We saw the man travelling here and there throughout the country every single day. And yes, he didn’t had to do that but yes, he’s willing to do it.

I’ve seen no KING in the world who would be willing to sit down on the ground with the poor or peoples lower in status, but yes, my KING did.

And this makes me so much proud of being his people.

I also saw lots of articles on the internet or head news focused on his wealth, little did the writer or editor know that the royal family’s financial had been controlled by the government since his uncle’s reign.

Little did they know that the man held many charities and found many foundations to raise the funds for all his country’s development research and project.

And yes, those writer or editor may didn’t want to put their heart much to the job, so they’re careless to do more of those research.

But that’s okay,

It’s all okay,

And it’ll be all okay . .

I couldn’t blame anyone, couldn’t I?

Because the man taught me many things through his action.
He did planted good seeds in and for all of us.

I feel that for now, I should do things even more responsibly, not only for mine but toward others as well. I’ll keep being kind and stay humble just like my beloved KING.

I want him to know that I’ll be a better person and will help out others now that he’s away and no longer here anymore. Never know what will happen next to the nation, I wonder it myself. Without him, I know that everything will change. Of course, things will change eventually.

From now on, I guess everyone will definitely mind their own need. But I know for sure that when the time comes, when we think of our humble KING, our heart will unite as one.

And I will miss you dearly, my KING.

Our nation is yearning for your presence right now,
we wish to feel the love and your care once again . .

We miss you,

And I miss you, my beloved KING.

My humble KING,
My great greatest KING,

My beloved father,
The father of the nation,
The KING of Thailand,

– His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej