This song!

I feel it romantic ^-^
Plus the voice of the singer, oh man! I feel so weightless Hahahahah

What to say? . . I feel inspire whenever I listen to this song. It encourages me somehow.

It’s not like that it’ll push you to change something about your life right away, it just ease your mind and calm you down from all disturbance inside. You know, especially those thing inside that has been smoldering for quite some times, it’s starting to decay slowly, clears the path that seem to be fading away, make you see your goal even more clearer.

When I sing along with this song, I have to sing slowly, you know, in a slow motion move. Hahahhaa Move slowly, walk slowly like the famous Mafia Boss in Hong Kong’s movie. Hahahaha

Back to the lyric! 

It’s a story of a couple, whose their love life is not smooth, there are many difficulties await for them to overcome.

Or . .

Maybe the girl’s having a hard time and the guy’s trying to cheer her up.

I don’t know . . Hahahaha


‘Cos nothing seems to change, oh no.
No nothing’s gonna change, at all.

I can see it in your face,
The hope has gone away . . .


He knows that she’s in trouble, hopeless with a disturbed mind, stuck with all her problem and couldn’t find way to shake it all out of the way . .

No matter what she does, nothing’s work. She couldn’t see the light in everything.

And here it comes – my favorite lines . .

‘Cos if you hold tight,
Shadows will be lost in the light.

It reminds me of Asakura Yoh in Shaman King, when he wandered in the dark pit cave with none of his five senses for his training in order to improve his Shaman power. The closer to the exit, the more the darkness was swallowed up by the light.

The word “Hold tight” means that whatever goal we have – just have faith in it!

There’s gonna be things that keep distracting us, but we have to be faithful to our belief. Hold on to that, keep walking with an unshaken will and everything will be alright eventually.

‘Cos there’ll be a day, when luck will be on our side and then dream will be collide.

Isn’t that good?


I do believe that things will work its way out eventually, I always do! Just like the guy sings in the song – It’s easy, saying that everything will be okay even if it pains deep inside. But trust me, in the end, the pain will definitely go away.

So don’t walk away . . from me.
. . . don’t walk away from me,
Don’t walk away from me.

Please tell me that you’ll stay . .



When all that you’ve tried,
Leaves nothing but holes inside.


At the end . . .

Everything he has done for her, whether to cheering her up or encouraging her, all of these leaves holes inside his heart instead.

Oh my . .

I guess she left him . .

I can’t believe it!

It’s a sad song in the end.


Who wrote this?
Image Cr.