This song was very sad. And if you watch its MV, it was unexpectedly shocking. It was so sad like someone has actually died. Lol

But first of all, it was not my intention to want everyone to be sad over something like this. But this song . . well, I know that it’s sad but it was very good and was a really nice song though. – I was so down with it!

This song was about a man who had lost his lover. It was so shocking that one day, when he turned on the TV and saw the report of the dead of his lover.

He then thought about the thing she’d said to him earlier . .


. . It was easy to find another for your bed.


Yeah, it’s easy . . (especially in bed . . Hahahah)
But for him – That was not easy.

Undoubtedly . . He would living his life – a not different much from hers, like a dead person. Back, to be alone . . Living alone . . enduring with these forlornness feeling alone.

“I know I shouldn’t have let you go.” . .


And then he went on . .


How does it feel to leave me this way?
When all that you have’s been lost in a day?
Everyone knows, but not what to say.
I’ve been wonderin’ now.

I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling.
Drinking everything I’ve found this evening.


All memories that he had her here and there, everywhere . . He was fighting for it to stay. All those sweetest moment, he wanted to feel it as long as he could, so that he won’t lose her, so that she didn’t leave him to be alone in this world . . .

I recommend you guys to watch the MV. Anyway the guy had a hipster beard, you know. Hahahah

Listening to this song made me thing about many things. I’ve come to understand the feeling of my mother . . why she groused my dead father about how he left her.

There are so many people in this world that cry over the loss of their loved ones. Some – drinks, some – does crazy thing . . just so they can forget their pain. Bury themselves with the past that cut out them from the brutal reality.

But don’t linger on it for too long. We can be sad until we had enough. Crying, drinking, whatever the hell we want to do just do it! Keep do it until we’re exhausted, until we’re tired. And when you look back to fully see yourselves, after a long, long time, you would pity yourself . . feel sorry for yourself. And start to love yourself and move on.

Actually, the song writer said that there’s no one die here in this song. It’s just a feeling of a man who’d got dumped by a cute woman. And she left him lying on the bed, staring at hotel ceiling. HAHAHAHAH

That’s it!
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