This song talked about – Love.

Because the love in this song gave us choices of what we want to be, not just the song bubbling over emotions or feelings but there’s a fact here, the root cause, the consequence and stuffs . . .

I’d been thinking about whether this Angel in this song was a “he” or “she”.

If it’s a “she”, would she be a wicked angel, cruel and cold-hearted, unlike her pretty face?

Or if it’s a “he” . . . why the hell would angel holding a shotgun!!!?!

I think you better listen to it and try to feel it with the lyric then later we can decide – a “she” or a “he”. HAHAHAHAH

Again . .

This song was all about – Love.

Love can make ones sacrifices everything,
Fight for Love at all cost, with all their heart.

Sometimes . . .

Love might make ones let others think of themselves as a bad person . . or do thing others will disapprove. As long as they could gain that Love . . they won’t mind it.

Like an angel who decided to hide their own wings and grabbed a shotgun and fought for someone dear.


I don’t care if HEAVEN won’t take me back.


There it goes again, the line like Heaven can’t, Heaven won’t, I couldn’t tolerate it and let it pass by easily HAHAHAHAH I’m so down with these thing, you know, freaking like it >____<


I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.


Because when Love is all that ones have got, they will want to live their every single day just for that, not just live day by day without a life goal.

And this is why angel is holding a gun . .

Sometimes, for those who important to us, we’re willing to do thing we hate or dislike or even give up our own pride just for them.

If we talk about love here, we might see this Angel in the song as a “he”, a man who is ready to do ANYTHING for the one he loves most. But truth is, in real life, there’s no man who is willing to give up everything and do everything for a woman, no, they mostly do that for themselves.

If he’s not a husband or a father of someone, who has been making a living for his family, I don’t think “he” exists. Who will be that mad, throw away everything just for one woman? You want to die starving, huh?

But if we talk about a “she” as this Angel in this song, the only female person crossing my mind is – my Mom HAHAHAHAH

There’s no need for any man, to give up everything for us, but “Mom” did gave up everything she once believed. She was more than willing to sacrifice everything she once owned just for “us”, so that we could live a better life, a secured and safety one and grow up well.


This is Fact.
This was our Past.
This is our Present.
This will be our Future.

And I don’t need proof for that.


Shit! How am I end up with these line, anyway?

Oh, I almost forget, there is some line of this song that I really like it and always thinking about this song every time I started to ague with my boss Hahahahah

It’s a GOLDEN LINE to me, you know?




Now you know why I was thinking about this . . . HAHAHAHAH


It makes you realize things and think very carefully, you better think through things before you start to gather up all the point or reason in your head, so when you shoot it, it will hit the spot directly and hard!!!

It’s always a great defense strategy and position to beat with my boss. HAHAHAHAHAH
Image Cr. Stealdivinity.Deviantart