My playlist randomly played this song today and it made my day ^-^

This is one of my favorite song. And every time it was played on, when I heard of its intro part, I couldn’t tolerated of bobbing my head to the beat. HAHAHAH

You know, the beat drum sound was everything! Firm and full with emotion, like all of the stuff in my head right now. And if you listen to it to the middle part, Man, I did really wanted to move my body and killed it. HAHAHAHAH

And the singer, every line and verse, they meant it. They pronounced it fully and firmed, too! Like shouting out in softly sound. And when you singing along, you need to frown and sing it with widen mouth so that we could hear every word. That was super awesome! It’s like we blurted things out, all the things that had been disturbed us. Anyone want to learn how to pronounce English word, I recommend you to do it with this song!

This song gave me the feeling that there’s another me, stuck around and encouraged me when life had so many hard times, all the weight I carried on my shoulders that kept throwing a tantrum on me and making me sink down my own thought or a time when I was feeling down or let everyone down.


So a day when you’ve LOST 

Could be a night when . .


That’s it! Out of a sudden!

I like it, a very great line, indeed.

Because when life thrown things at you, crashed you down, teared you apart until you lost yourself, gave up your goal, you would not be existed, you’re just an empty living soul . . .



that will lead you to deceiving.


In this mental state, when both of our hands that held everything in life, started to shake and weaken where it should be holding nothing like these pain or hope but someone’s hands instead, shouldn’t it?


When all you got to keep is STRONG
Move along, move along,
like I know you do.

And even when your hope is GONE
Move along, move along,
just to make it through.



And even if I don’t know where to move to, I will keep on moving along ^-^ As this little voice inside was trying to tell me.


I personally believe that even if the whole world is not on my side, but there’ll always be one particular person there, sticking around . . and that person is me – myself ^-^

Sometimes . . the biggest support that drives us is not from someone close to us, but it is our own-self that pushes us to overcome all the obstacle in our mind. It gives us courage to be dare to change all the external obstacle.
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