This is a love song ^-^

I find it romantic. Well, the language, the lyric, it’s a love poem, it’s a language of love!

Why . . ?

Because the guy who’s conveying his feelings here might be somewhere, getting drunk and blurting out his word.

Despite his drunk mind, I’m 100% sure that a drunk man’s words comes straight from his heart. I do believe that there’re parts that it’s real somehow.

As I mentioned earlier about its language, I love how they played with a line starting with “Here’s a song for . . .

That made this song seem so special. I feel so great and high every time I sing along with the song.


Here’s a song for . . the nights
I think too much and . . .

Here’s a song . .
when I imagine us together.


It’s a song dedicated to his thoughts of a woman he’s in love with. He’s picturing things and did thinking a lot about her.

Such a high feeling ~

He even went down for a cute story which made me imagine stuffs . . like a scene of a bar on the city street at night, in some European country, where he sat drinking and drunk. HAHAHAHAH


Here’s a song for . . the one
who stole my heart and ran so far,
that cupid couldn’t catch her.

Here’s a song for . . the kid
who aims so high – he shot her down.


Aww . . they had me, with that cupid little kid   =___=

This is so sweet. I can feel a mildly love’s vapor in the air . . HAHAHAHAH

Now he reminded me of how it was to missing someone, with a heart full of love . . .

The most part I like about this song is the words – “Heaven can wait”. I like it a lot. It’s so deep, you know.

I love the mood and feelings of these words, it gave me the feeling that all of these, the things between the two of them were all that matters to him.

Only if she said so, that she wanted to stay, all these lovely time he spend with her would’ve been so great, even Heaven wouldn’t be this good HAHAHAH And even if Death knocked on his door, still it had to wait.

Love it! ^-^
Image Cr. Rocksinthewall.Tumblr