Anyone who is on the way to pursuing your own dream. This is a good vibes kinda song for you!

The whole song’s lyric sparked up my feeling I couldn’t tell. It’s driving me forward . . Wait a sec, should be saying . . Driving me upward HAHAHAH

When the intro began, it told a story about what other people see in one particular person, (Well, I can assume that that particular person in the song is the writer himself.) but that is not his all, you know.


I’m looking for something more than that


I wonder what it is . . .

But if I were him, I wouldn’t tell others about my next move as well, you know. It’s not necessary, I guess.


I’m seizing EACH minute!

Don’t wanna just EXIST!


The first time I heard of this line, it caught my feeling, my soul was stretched out and it nailed deep down to my emotion. It’s telling people that he will not let the time slip, never ever to waste his time!!





Wow, such a hyper person he is!

You know what? As I was listening to this song, I could feel the energy and questioning myself. “What am I doing now? Get your ass up! What are you waiting for?” HAHAHAH

This guy’s rising, he keeps rising up, soaring non-stop upward and wanting to do something great that any person on earth will know his name.


Good enough’s not good enough for me!


I feel that in the end, that dream of his, will send him up to the top. He will soar higher and higher up and will never stop until he has a taste of its great. Don’t you think it’s cool, that experience?

I want to taste it someday, too!

Well, apart from the lyric, I also love the melody as well. It keeps rising up, making me feel high and even higher up . . to the universe. HAHAHAH

Sometime I’m so envious of the people who has their own dream, you know. Because with that, it will drive them forward – to get it. And that feeling is so powerful . . .


For me myself, I don’t have a dream right now . . well, at least a new one.

It’s been long since I’d accomplished it, turned out the feeling I’d got . . I wasn’t even so sure of how to feel about it myself. It came with a negative impact so I was a little confused with my life afterward, of what I would do with my next move in life. HAHAHAH

For now I’ll just go for small goals first, which I’ve got many of it HAHAHAH

I’ll just keep looking and moving forward. If someday I discovered my new dream, I would soar up high to the sky, too ^-^

Keep going everyone!!!!!!
Image Cr. Pennyfornasa.Tumblr