This is my favorite song ^-^

It’s a song talked about the love of a man for a woman which normally these kind of songs, mostly talked about emotional thing that couldn’t be touch.

But that is not with this guy.

He’s a romantic guy, you know . . Wild like typical artist but he means things seriously, so determined and sincere.

There’s a line starting with him – found a ring in a shop at the street and he bought it for his girl. Well, it might be a little bit cheap . . not the one that she would have wanted it.


But I hope that you’ll still wear it


Damn, I love this line >__<

It is one sincerity of a man to his lover and she shouldn't say no to the ring at all!!! Hahahahaa

I thought he's not talking nonsense. It's the purest true on earth and made me, as the audience, daydreaming and envying that woman ^-^


There’s a house on the hill,
with a view of the town,
And I know how you “Adore” it.

So I’ll work everyday,
through the sun, and the rain,
Until I can “Afford” it.


That was so deep ^-^

I can sense his intention, his goal and I fully trust him that he will definitely make that happen.

He may not be good enough today . . still poor and need to work way harder to earn money. But he’s gonna rise right up. He was well aware that things would not be so easy but he would not wait for anyone to help . . making it happen, he would rather created his own success.

I think he’s crazy, in a cool way! Hahahah
And I think she should believe in him ^-^


My mom always said to me when it comes to choosing a right man to marry . . “A man need not to be rich, but he must have diligent hands. That’s enough.” As long as he thinks through things and keep persisting, he will make a success out of it.

So before I started to judge someone, I’d think about my mom . . think of her words. And I will keep my patience cool and carefully look at that one person’s sincerity, through his intention and action, not just by his sweet words. What to say . . Mom’s right. The right one must come with a total package. ^-^
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